We are currently supplying Filipino Masters/ Mates/ Engineers/ Cooks/ Deck and Engine Ratings on more than 100 foreign owned vessels of different categories such as bulk carriers/ container vessels/ general cargo and dry cargo vessels/ tankers/ coasters/ supply vessels/ roro vessels/ ice breakers and heavy lift vessel. We also handle full crew management on several vessels where we supply European leading staff.
          Our Principals are based in The Netherlands/ Germany/ Switzerland/ Denmark/ Cyprus and Kazahkstan. We are also in constant touch with main charterers of our vessels in Japan.

To our future Employer:

        We are currently gathering data from offshore employers world-wide. These companies have discovered the vast resources of the internet and have expressed an interest in developing a relationship with Blue Manila. If you are interested in exploring this resource, we will provide you 5 to 10 resumes everyday via e-mail.These resumes come to us from all over the world and cover full range of job descriptions.



        Please email us your Company Name, your Company Representative, and your specific query. We would provide you with the information you need at the soonest possible time and we are more than happy to be of service to you.