Welcome to Blue Manila, Inc.


Being an accredited PDOS Provider, Blue Manila, Inc. can focus on properly orienting its pool of seafarers to policies and procedures which are essential in their day to day lives on board.

It is important that all crew who are scheduled for departure be properly briefed about company administrative, operational and accounting matters as well as specific company procedures giving them enough information that will help them achieve their objectives.

During this seminar the departing crew will have the opportunity to hear it from the Blue Manila Inc. management themselves matters which the company deems important.

We also consider the PDOS as one of the first steps in the seafarer’s orientation and familiarization. The STCW requires that:

“all seafarers assigned to the ship for the first time be given a reasonable opportunity to become familiar with specific equipment and operating procedures of the ship concerned before being assigned to duties”.

That is why the seminar is supplemented with a Video Presentation which tackles the following topics:

A focus on subjects such as Human Relations, Social Responsibility and Handling of difficult situations keeps the company in line with its goal of achieving minimal if not zero non-conformities. It also serves as a good motivator as it is coupled with discussion on areas such as financial literacy to improve their monetary and non-monetary well being on board.