Capt. Rainer Blum
-is the Chairman of the Board who has an extensive knowledge in Crew Management System. He is responsible for promoting the organizational growth and developing business opprotunities as well as maintaining the quality system of the company.
Capt. Jose Mangabat
-is the President of the company. He has spent his entire business career in shipping, marine personnel and industrial relations matters and is responsible for overseeing the operation and management of Blue Manila, Inc.
Ms. Francis Arcellana
- is the Chief Executive Officer. She joined the company in 1984. She is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the day to day personnel and crewing activities of the company.
Ms. Medy Chan
- is the Chief Accountant , also joined the company in 1984. She is responsible for the crew accounting system of the company.
            The Crewing Managers involved in the interviewing, testing or selection of seamen are themselves licensed Mariners and are engaged to bring their experience and expertise to bear.
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